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Advanced Open Water Diver Course—
2 Days of Diving

Price Range $300.00

The Advanced Course takes two full days of diving. This popular course allows you to learn advanced diving techniques while you dive on Daytona Beach's  beautiful wrecks and reefs. This is a "hands-on" course with minimal classroom time and plenty of diving. After covering the required academic training you will complete 3 "core" dives - underwater navigation, diving to deep levels, and night diving in these areas. You will also select and complete 2 "elective" dives in areas such as are Multilevel Diving, Boat Diving, Drift Diving, Search and Recovery and the popular Underwater Naturalist.

This is where the fun really starts. Well done, you have learned the basics, now is the time to actually do something with your diving. Our aim on the Advanced Open Water course is to produce a buddy pair who are capable of diving unsupervised and in a responsible manner. We will hone your diving skill as well as teach you new ones, such as the use and deployment of surface marker buoys.

How? - The diving takes place over several dive trips. Five (5) dives are required as follows:

The Diving - There are two core dives, which you have to do, and a selection of elective dives from which you will do three.

  • Core Deep Dive - We will always try to do an offshore wreck if we can.  We like to take you as close to the advanced open water limit of 90 feet as we can. We believe you should experience what you are qualified to do in your training.
  • Core Navigation Dive - To be relaxed while you are diving you need to know where you are. You will learn more about using a compass and using natural features to better orientate yourself while diving, which in turn will make you a better and more relaxed diver.
  • Elective Drift Dive - You will find that drift diving is one of the most common and fun forms of diving. How to do this without losing the group and making sure the boat knows where you are, are some of the skills we will cover.
  • Elective Wreck Dive - One of the highlights of the course. Daytona Beach is host to many beautiful wrecks ranging anywhere from 195 Feet in length to 450 ft in length. 
  • Elective Boat Dive - Understanding the procedures for diving off boats is essential to all divers. As this is normally the first dive of the course, we will also use the dive as a bit of a refresher dive and to work on your buoyancy control.
  • Elective Search and Recovery Dive - Tremendous fun giving you a real sense of achievement. Here we will hide objects underwater and get you to search for them using techniques you have learnt on the surface, and then recover them using lifting bags.
  • Elective Night Dive - During the winter we can do this in the early evening, This dive puts a whole new prospective on the underwater world.

Who? - Any 'Open Water Diver' or equivalent. You will be asked to fill in a medical form or show a medical release from a GP if you answer yes to any of the medical questions. Please consult us prior to the course if you have any questions on this. You will also have to show proof of your diving qualifications.

What's Included - all academic materials and certification.

What's Not Included - equipment (which can be rented from Sea Dogs Dive Center), accommodation, transport, food, and dive fees.

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