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Nitrox Certification—$99

What is Nitrox?

Nitrox is any combination of nitrogen and oxygen.  Regular breathing air is comprised of approximately 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen.  Nitrox mixtures with percentages of oxygen greater than 21% are called Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx).  The commonly used EANx mixtures are EAN 32 (32% Oxygen and 68% Nitrogen) and EAN  36 (36% Oxygen and 64% Nitrogen).  Special user friendly  decompression tables for these EANx mixes are available from PADI and TDI.  A prudent nitrox diver would also take advantage of a programmable nitrox computer to provide them with the added benefit of multi-level nitrox diving.

Nitrox was first used in 1912 and has been used extensively since the 1960's by the military and commercial operations and since 1985 in recreational diving.  It is also used in the medical field as a therapy gas for hyperbaric wound care, breathing O2 at high PO2 levels under pressure has tremendous tissue healing benefits. 

Advanced divers have been taking advantage of Nitrox for cave diving, wreck diving, spearfishing, lobster harvests and many other diving applications.  Recreational diving agencies, like NAUI and PADI  fully recognize and sanction Nitrox as a safe alternate breathing gas.

Sea Dogs Dive Center has a NITROX Fill station on site and uses very high quality medical grade Oxygen. About 50% of the divers that dive with Sea Dogs on a regular basis, will dive using NITROX.  Check with us to see when the next NITROX Course is. You must be 15 Years of age to certify as a NITROX diver.

  • Nitrox Table EAN 32
  • Nitrox Table EAN 36
  • Recreational Dive Planner


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