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We now have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) that answers most questions about the diving and services we offer in our area. Please take a look at it, it will most likely answer all your questions. If not, then email us, or call 386-424-1644. This FAQ is never complete, if you think of a an issue that should be addressed, please let us know so we can include it in the revision.

What is included in the charter price?

  1. Sea Dogs provides an expert crew and divemaster for all charters. Our divemasters are  the best in the business and have been diving these waters for many years, so they are very familiar with the local wrecks and reefs. We have a divemaster on every charter.
  2. We provide an onboard lunch consisting of fresh cut (seasonal) fruit, and various flavored crackers during your surface interval (minimum one hour).
  3. A whole lot of fun!

What does the dive boat look like?

Click here to find out more about the boat.

Departure Times of Boat
7 am & 1 pm.

What if I don't have anyone to dive with?

Our divermasters like nothing more than to buddy up with people. That's what makes scuba diving so much fun. So, if you're without anyone to dive with, don't worry, you can dive with our divemaster. Divemasters love having fun too. During the ride out or while we are making preparations to depart, our divemasters will be introducing themselves and asking questions. If you don't have anyone to dive with or it's been a while since you've been down, we'll hook up with you and make sure you have a good time. If you have any special requirements, please call our shop and make inquires. 386-424-1644

What is the wreck diving like?

Most of the wrecks we dive are about 10-12 miles offshore. The depths are all within the 80 fsw range. The top deck of most of the wrecks we dive can be reached at about 50-60 fsw.  When we dive the wrecks we anchor the dive boat into the wreck with a hook and line. Divers use the line to descend and ascend. Safety stops are done on the line as well.

The wrecks in our area are host to a wide variety of sea life. We regularly encounter Turtles, Rays, and Goliath Grouper. You can check out some of the artificial reef (wreck) info here.  The USS Mindanao, is the oldest artificial reef ship. She rests in 85 feet of water, 11 miles northeast of Ponce inlet. She is a 446 ft. World War II, Liberty ship. Her main deck is 60 ft. below the surface. The superstructure was removed before the sinking. She suffered damage during the 1995 winter storms and the bow is now separated from the hull. Schools of bait fish, grunts, mangrove snapper, barracuda and a few anchors are often in her open holds. Small clumps of ivory bush coral and encrusting sponges and tunicates are growing on the steel hull.

There are several other ships that we visit on a regular basis. On a two tank wreck dive we will visit two different wrecks.

What depths will I be diving?

No deeper than about 80 fsw (feet salt water)

Can my I bring a non-diver?

Yes, space permitting. "Bubble watchers" as we call them are welcome to ride along during charters on a space available basis. Best advice is to check with us when you make your reservation. More often than not, we never have a problem accommodating bubble watchers. There is a $25 fee.

How do I get to the dive shop?

Click here for detailed directions (with map). A separate window will open, print that page. The phone number for the shop is listed at the top, or call if you want to, we'll be happy to talk you.

Can I spearfish? Do I need a license?

Yes, You can spearfish. Yes, You need a fishing license.

Can I hunt lobster?

Yes, but only during the season. Regular Lobster season is August 6 through March 31. Lobster Sport (mini) season is 2 days at the end of July. Please see this document  from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for detailed information on the Spiny Lobster Season. Lobsters in this area are some of the largest in the United States. It's not unusual for us to catch lobsters up to 10 lbs here. The majority of the lobsters we take during the season weigh in between 3 lbs and 8 lbs.

Do you offer spearfishing lessons?

Yes. By appointment only. Lessons cost $100.00 and include a 2 hour session reviewing the Florida regulations, spearfishing technique, fish identification and safety.  Additional fee of  $50.00 applies for Divemaster / Instructor to accompany hunter during dive  (includes one day rental of speargun).

Can I hunt with a powerhead (Personal Protection Device)?

Sorry, no.

Will you clean my fish?

You kill them, you clean them. No cleaning fish on the dock.

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